January 15, 2020

Wood Window Repair. Make an informed choice. You owe it to yourself.

As we enter our 39th year in the repair and duplication of wood window sash, our commitment to providing you with the highest quality materials and workmanship available will continue to be the top priority. We know you have choices out there when it comes to wood window sash repair, so why choose Accurate Custom Sash?We have seen other websites and their photo galleries of sash repair projects. So what makes one company a better option than another. Fixing or duplicating a wood window sash is not rocket science, right? We all manufacture the required parts, put your window back together, and we or you then put the sash back into the window frame. Pretty equal across the board, right. NO, not even close when you really break it down. I see countless pictures on other sites of so called window repair companies showing the new parts they produced having knots. Yes knots!! Very visible knots!! Did your original window sash have knots? Do you want your repaired window made from a lower quality grade wood with knots? Your windows are like a fine piece of furniture, and should be treated as such. And what about those filled in pieces where they only replace a 6" to 12" portion of your windows horizontal rail or vertical stile. Was your original window sash made up of those glued up sections? NO, it was not, so why would you accept that type of work now. 

         And how where those new window parts manufactured? Was there a table saw or router table set-up on your driveway or in your garage? A palm or belt sander? Window sash parts manufactured on your driveway, NEVER! Parts require precision milling, surface and edge finish, and high quality joinery. Again I go back to your windows being a fine piece of furniture.

     ** Some FACTS about how we repair or duplicate every sash we work on**

1.  Only solid 1 piece clear lumber is used. No knot grade, no poplar, no construction grade, period. Always the clearest solid pine or 50 year rot proof Accoya wood. Were replacing the entire window part. not just cutting off the rotted section and then gluing your window back together with a patch piece of wood.

2. Every part milled on a computer controlled spindle shaper, in our shop, not your driveway or garage with a portable saw, for the utmost in exacting precision and joinery on every cut. Diamond and high quality carbide tooling for the smoothest finish possible.

3. Every sash we manufacture or repair is assembled with the highest quality stainless steel fasteners. All hardware is attached with the same top quality stainless steel screws. Never worry about rust or corrosion.

4. Every part or sash manufactured has the glass pocket and exterior primed by hand with STIX. A top quality urethane acrylic that provides an extra layer of protection for the wood, providing a great base for the final finishing.

5. We strive to match every detail from weather-stripping, glazing beads, hardware, etc. so your repaired or duplicated window looks like it was never touched. You should expect as much from your provider.