January 30, 2017

Casement Window Basics

Wood Window D.I.Y Tips

What condition are your wood windows in? Do they open and close properly? Are you dealing with condensation, mold or discoloration on the interior surfaces? Does the paint or stain appear to be breaking down or flaking? When were they finished last? If you answered yes to any of these issues, your wood windows need attention.  We will share with you below some useful information we have learned over the years, that just might prevent you from a very costly total window replacement job. Here are images of extremely rotted sash, that we were fortunately able to repair for our clients, saving them money from costly total window replacement.  

  • Finish and finish the sash on a consistent basis. Seal all edges and especially the top and bottom of your sash. Remove all hardware, especially hinges and operator tracks or brackets . Take the weather-stripping off if you can, and replace if necessary. By insuring all wood surfaces and screw holes are coated will help prevent water from wicking into the wood pores. We actually have a client who uses steel wool to lightly scuff the varnish on his casement sashes, and will then apply a new coat of varnish. He does this process every year. His windows were installed in 1986, and he has no sign of wood rot or decay.
  • Invest in stainless steel hinges and screws. The initial minimal upfront expense will pay for itself in short order, by eliminating the possibility of corrosion. 
  • Open window treatments, shades, blinds, draperies, etc. on a regular basis. Allow natural light to transmit through the glass. This actually helps with some condensation issues, and will prolong the life of your insulated glass seal. For the ultimate in glass performance, you can request Cardinal Low-e 366 for your future glass replacement if necessary.
  • Open, open and open your windows. I have been shocked over the years by clients who tell us that they do not open their wood windows, ever. This will cause premature sash and frame wood rot, guaranteed.
  • Replace the frame and sash weather-stripping when worn or brittle. This is a fairly inexpensive fix that helps greatly with energy efficiency.
  • Keep your hinges lubricated and the hinge tracks clean and free of dirt. This will allow smooth window operation and also prolong the life of the window operator. You can use a de-greaser for the tracks and silicone spray for the hinges.

These simple d.i.y tips will save you money and preserve the beauty and efficiency of your wood windows.

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