Rockwell/Barber& Ross Window Repair

Removing your Rockwell or Barber & Ross sash. Only need a flat screwdriver.
Accurate Custom Sash is your Rockwell / Barber and Ross wood window repair expert. The company was originally located in the town of Leesburg,Virginia, with a subsidiary in Knox, Indiana. We can repair any wood or aluminum clad casement, double hung and awning sash manufactured with a rubber glazing gasket. These were windows manufactured from approx. mid 1992-1993 to present day. We also manufacture their older style casement sash which used an interior wood glass stop. This window was made prior to 1992. Here at Accurate Custom Sash, we can replace any rotted horizontal sash rail, vertical sash stile or seal failed insulated glass. We also manufacture interior sill covers for operating or stationary casement windows, and their exterior 2 piece sill nosing for their all wood casement windows. 
We have saved our clients hundreds, and in many cases thousands of $$$$ by repairing their Rockwell windows versus replacing them. Why tear out your entire window unit, especially aluminum clad exterior windows, when you might only need the window sash repaired!! The repaired sash you receive from us, will outperform the original sash, guaranteed.  We work on their casement, awning, double hung and picture window sash. Here is the Accurate Custom Sash quality difference, separating us from all other repair companies  :
  • We manufacture all replacement parts in our shop on state of the art computer controlled woodworking machinery, from solid one piece clear select northern white pine and accoya - parts manufactured today, or years from now match and fit perfectly - absolutely no finger jointed, knot filled or decay prone wood species such as poplar is ever used - our parts are made for long term durability. You will never see Accurate Custom Sash manufacturing your window parts on a table saw with a router on your driveway or in your garage.
  •   accoya wood comes with a standard 50 year rot proof warranty for the ultimate in window repair, here at Accurate Custom Sash!                           
  • All sash parts are primed by hand using INSL-X Stix urethane acrylic - the entire glass pocket and exterior face is primed - doing this by hand ensures maximum coverage and long term durability
  • We offer full service repair in our shop - approx. 1 hour per window - *by appointment* - bring your window or windows in early morning, and we will have them ready for you to re-install the same day. No need to board up your windows.
  • All repairs in our shop include the cleaning of the rubber glass gasket - the highest quality silicone caulking and all new pvc leaf seal weather-stripping - re-installation of all hardware, or drill prep for a stationary sash - we re-assemble the sash and attach all hardware with only stainless steel screws - eliminating corrosion forever (new hardware is also available, and in stock, including "Truth" Entryguard dual arm operators, operator tracks and brackets, and replacement pairs of hinges if needed due to rust or breakage)
  • Our decorator can also professionally pre-finish your sash parts (paint or stain and marine varnish) - Provide us a color sample or manufacturer color number - This critical step will add years of durability and performance to your windows  

Can't bring your window in for repair? - You can easily order your parts right on our website. We will ship you the replacement parts, with detailed instructions on how to repair your window - We also offer full service on site window sash repair in Illinois and limited areas of Indiana 

Give us a call and let our 38 plus years of window repair expertise guide you in making the right decision. See why repair could be your best cost effective solution - (708) 423-0423

Here are some before and after pictures of a Rockwell casement sash repair.