Rockwell/Barber & Ross Window Sash Repair


We are the experts in Rockwell/Barber & Ross wood window sash repair including casement, double hung, awning and picture sash. Originally founded in Leesburg, VA. with a subsidiary factory in Knox, IN. They became the Federal Group before their closing for good.

We service their rubber glass gasket screw together all wood and aluminum clad exterior sash that was manufactured from approx. 1992 until their closing.

 We also manufacture complete replacement sash for their older pin nailed casement and awning window which was manufactured with interior wood glass stops. We provide those sashes with or without new Cardinal double strength insulated glass. 


 We manufacture all new sash rails and stiles from solid one piece clear select northern white pine or 50 year rot proof accoya for the ultimate in exterior durability. No finger jointed, glued up or rot prone interior use wood such as Poplar is ever used. All parts are manufactured on our state of the art computer controlled machinery. Parts manufactured now or years from now are a perfect pattern match. We hand prime all parts using commercial grade Insl-X STIX primer. The exterior and glass pocket come primed.

  • Optional custom color matching interior staining/polyurethane or painting is available by our professional decorator
  • All repaired sash are assembled with stainless steel screws only for the ultimate in corrosion protection
  • We re-install your existing hardware using stainless steel screws only (new casement and awning hardware is also available if required)
  • All repaired or manufactured sash include new pvc leaf weather-stripping
  • The sash receive premium silicone caulking of all exterior corner joints, especially aluminum clad exterior windows
  • New Cardinal Glass is available for seal failed or broken units - clear insulated or high performance Lo-E options as well - 20 year seal failure warranty comes standard 

 rotting rockwell casement sashnew rockwell casement sash partsrepaired rockwell casement window sashbarber and ross double hung sash

Repair options we provide you:

  • Easily remove and bring in your window sash for same day repair by appointment. Approx. 45 minutes per window. We install the hardware and weather-stripping. You simply re-install the sash and are done! Saving you $$$. (see our video below on removing a Rockwell casement window sash) - only takes a flat screwdriver.
  • Are you a skilled DIYer or fairly handy? We can ship you the window sash parts or come in and pick them up at our shop. Installation instructions and professional guidance is provided.

 Here is the Accurate Custom Sash difference:

  • 40 plus years of experience in the repair of rotting wood window sash
  • The highest quality materials with exacting attention to every detail
  • Your repaired or duplicated sash will be a profile match and out perform the original
  • We never make window parts in your garage with routers and a small portable table saw, with wood from a big box store that most likely has some knots