Rockwell/Barber & Ross casement sash rails

Manufactured for windows with the rubber glass gasket - approx. 1993 to current

These rails are for screw together windows only

Made from solid one piece clear pine (no finger jointed, poplar or glued up stock is used)

Part comes fully milled to exact size - the glass pocket and exterior come primed

Order each rail based upon the visible glass width (top or bottom rails are identical)

Overall size is 1-3/16" over visible glass (example...23" glass = 24-3/16" overall)

Rails are also available for additional wider fixed picture window sizes not listed

*These rails were also used on Awning style windows, which crank upward towards the sky - order based upon the visible glass height, not width for Awning type windows*

*optional 50 year rot proof accoya parts available and listed also*


*We manufacture these parts every 3-4 weeks - please call to check availability*

*Existing exterior aluminum cladding will fit perfectly on these parts*

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