Highest Quality Materials

Our Materials

Here at Accurate Custom Sash, the materials we use to repair or manufacture your sash sets the gold standard in the wood window repair industry. From the lumber, fasteners, weather-stripping, glass and sealants we use, your repaired or duplicated window sash is built to perform.

*We start with all sustainably farmed select grade lumber that is brought to the optimal moisture content prior to manufacturing. This provides the highest level of dimensional stability to prevent warping or swelling. We only use solid one piece lumber, never glued up for all sash work, regardless of sash thickness. Our stock of Northern White, Sugar Pine and 50-year rot proof accoya have the clarity and durability you expect in wood sash. No interior grade Poplar wood, glued up or finger jointed lumber is ever used. Your window sash is like a piece of fine furniture and should look like that when we return it to you. Clear lumber free of knots, consistent grain and uniform color. For the ultimate in rot resistance comparable to tropical hardwoods we have accoya, which has a standard 50 year warranty against rot.*

*All sash are assembled using only stainless steel brad nails or screws. We install all hardware using only stainless steel screws to provide you the ultimate in corrosion resistance.*

*We use the highest quality weather-stripping leaf seals, bulb seals and matching glazing beads to keep the consistency of appearance, so your sash looks like we never repaired it.*

*Cardinal insulated glass comes standard with both panes double strength, stainless steel spacer bars, protective film and an industry leading 20-year seal failure warranty. They set the standard in high performance with their LoE 366 and now again with Quad LoE452+ neat for glass that performs like no other.*

*With our industrial grade 1 part neutral cure silicone caulks to our paint grade hybrids preventing water infiltration, you can rest assured that your sash is repaired and duplicated to perform for years to come.*